Process of Selling


  • Determine your needs and objectives
  • Discuss agency
  • Discuss marketing options
  • Price your home

Marketing Plan

  • Develop a marketing plan.
  • Stage the home for its best potential.
  • Show the home.
  • Communicate on an agreed schedule and manner.
  • Adjust price and marketing plan as necessary.


  • Evaluate all offers
  • Explain terms and conditions
  • Negotiate to reach best possible outcome
  • Finalize contract and advise on final terms and conditions

Complete Selling Process

  • Deposit earnest money in separate account
  • Send copies of contract to closing attorney
  • Schedule home inspection
  • Advise of home repairs
  • Advise of seller’s responsibilities
  • Advise of buyer’s responsibilities
  • Advise everyone of any contingency removals
  • Order termite letter within thirty days of closing
  • Schedule final walk through
  • Schedule closing with your attorney

After the Contract

  • Assist you with buying your next home
  • Assist you with relocation if needed
  • Assist you with “after the sale” resources
  • Follow up