Education in Memphis

Entrance Requirements

Kindergarten and first grade children must be 5 or 6 years old on or before October 1 of the calendar year. In order to enter school, they must have a physical, immunization record, a birth certificate and Social Security Number.

All other grades require a physical, Social Security Number, and a copy of the last report card. The local school will request records from the previous school. The student must live with a legal guardian or parent within the city limits to attend the city school system. The student must live with his parent or legal guardian outside the Memphis city limits, but inside Shelby County to attend Shelby County Schools.

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Shelby County Schools

Grade Systems: All schools within the city and county have Kindergarten through 12th grades. Some areas have middle schools. Check with your area.

Phone Number - (901)321-2500
Website-Shelby County Schools

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Memphis Area Private Schools

For those looking for an alternative to public education, The Memphis Association of Independent Schools is a great resource for exploring the excellent private schools in and around Memphis.

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